Heal Emotional Pain with Babaji’s Work.*

*This chapter comes from the book Help From Heaven. Direct Fromspirit: Living Beyond Your Beliefs by Connie Fox and is put on this webpage with permission. Connie Fox communicates directly with spirit in an unusual way as she translates word for word from various forms of consciousness including deceased, angles, enlightened spiritual teachers such as Maharvatar Babaji and Jesus. This message was from the spirit of Jesus or as some might want to call it, Universal Oneness. For more info visit: www.askconnie.biz. Copyright Connie Fox.

Mahavatar Babaji is a helper of Mine. He specializes in dissolving fear quickly. “Babaji’s Work” is an effective method to identify those underlying fears that cause you ongoing pain from past and present experiences. Many have specific fears, yet do not recognize them because of unhealed emotional pain.

All pain must be healed if you would experience all fullness of life. Emotional pain comes from judgments which are caused by fears. Some fears you may recognize others you do not. Many of you are attached to believing in your ego’s judgments. Your life is very limited if you perceive everyone and everything with fear-based, separation-resulting judgments. A limited life means living a life experiencing pain – with trials and tribulations. The source of your judgments is fear. “Babaji’s Work” gets you to the fear, the source of your pain. You bypass your judgment by doing “Babaji’s Work”.

Staying stuck in your judgments will continue the creation of ongoing painful experiences. You are not consciously aware that you do this. You are not consciously aware that it is YOU who creates or attracts your unwanted experiences. The whole purpose for the pain arising is to “grab your attention” to it, giving you the opportunity to heal it.

I define “Babaji’s Work” as feeling your suppressed emotional pain. You are going to have to face it and feel it in order to accept it and heal it. Accepting it through surrender is the only way to heal it. Avoid it, continue to fear it, and it will only grow and strengthen in time.

When you do “Babaji’s Work” but once daily, you end the need to actually experience ongoing, painful events. Remember, the recurrence of attracting experiences that cause you painful emotions is for the purpose of surrendering your fear. Surrender the fear first. For with “Babaji’s Work”, you will save a lifetime of unnecessary suffering. Fear is the cause of all your suffering, not the person, circumstance or events, which in your judgments, appear to be the cause.

When you are in guilt, blame or shame or any form of pain, it is because you have a fear that needs to be acknowledged; allowed simply “to be” without judging it; fully felt and fully accepted. Then and only then are you free from it. Then and only then you will no more experience pain for the purpose of healing your fear.

Now for Babaji’s Work:
A sound (mantra) is used to help surface an underlying fear. Listen to the sound silently or out loud verbally say Babaji’s mantra for about five to ten minutes. Saying this sound helps release a deeply embedded fear.

Om Namah Shivaya
(Pronounced: om nah-mah shee-vie-ya)

Think about what most disturbs you right now. It will be a person, place, thing, event or circumstance. Are you angry at someone? Are you worried or struggling with uncertainty? Are you feeling shameful? Do you feel regret for past action or inaction? Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel hate toward yourself or someone else? Do you feel like a victim? Do you feel a sense of loss in some way? Do you feel deep sorrow, resentment, frustration, loneliness, guilt or even feel unloved and unlovable? The list could go on and on.

Identify the specific feeling. Do not concern yourself with the issue or person you think may have caused it. Simply identify the specific feeling. Now, think back to an earlier time in your life when you felt the same or similar feeling. Then, perhaps, an even earlier time until you remember your earliest memory of feeling that pain.

Allow yourself to notice the pain. Allow yourself to feel that pain. Just allow yourself to feel that pain as fully as you can. Know you are justified for feeling that pain. You are validated for feeling that pain. Watch with alertness so that you do not stay stuck in thinking about what happened to you. Just notice and intentionally feel that pain that went with it.

The intensity of the feeling will reduce in time. It will ‘spend’ itself out, slightly or a lot. Stay with feeling the pain until you naturally feel a little lighter, a little brighter; until the intensity of the emotion fades. Then, carry on with your day. That is it.

It is a simple practice. Give yourself about five to ten minutes (or more if desired) to get in touch with feeling your pain. Sometimes you will feel it intensely, other times mildly. This daily practice of identifying and feeling your fears will result in your automatic acceptance of them. This keeps you from staying stuck in the pain and never getting to the cause of the pain. The ego’s delusional thinking is the root cause of all your pain and fears. “Babaji’s Work” will get you out of this trap.

Connie Asks: I know who Mahavatar Babaji is but will you please explain his relationship with You?
Babaji will be like Me soon – when all of you on earth are enlightened, Babaji will be complete. He and I are already one. But, Babaji will not unite in Heaven until each and every one of you are able to be with him. He has chosen a path to help you all accomplish this. Between My love and power and his strength and courage, this will be done.

Connie Asks: Why do we need Babaji’s strength and courage? Don’t You have enough?
You will not understand this answer Connie, but Babaji created the strength and courage needed to fully accept My love and power. I created a deeper level of love and power on earth when I was in human form as Jesus Christ. All of you on earth had created a collectively strong force of fear. So much that you were all about to destroy yourselves (such a time is near again). That is why I created Myself as a human being on earth. The human race needed to be saved from self-destruction. I made this possible for you from My existence on earth as Jesus Christ.

Many of you are still not freed from all your fears. But, I enabled you to have more time to accomplish this by dissolving the force of your fear. This is the time I confronted “Satan”, as the Bible explains. Satan is an energy force, a momentum of power or influence that consists of all the fear energy you have been experiencing for millions of years. That force became more powerful than the collective energy of your love. A different frequency was needed to balance the opposing fear energy.

My love must be accepted by you to be received. This means you have to heal all your fear. Anything you fear must be healed to be fully at one with Me in Heaven. Heaven is a state of awareness that does not include fear.

After I left My physical body, I brought you Babaji. You were ready for a deeper level of strength and courage. This was needed for you to have the willingness to face your fear and accept My love. Babaji made this possible for you. Babaji gave this to you directly.

Connie Asks: When You said, “Babaji will be like You soon”, what does that mean?
He will be at one with Me, our Father, in Heaven.

Connie Asks: Is it hard for Babaji to stay here for our sake when he could be there instead?
No Connie. He is still at one with Me. He is not lacking anything in his awareness. “Complete” means at one with Me and our Father.