In simple terms, what is the Heart Technique®?
The Heart Technique is a personal spiritual program that is practiced 35 minutes once daily.

Who can learn the Heart technique®?
Usually, anyone 12 years of age or older. It requires only that you set aside thirty-five minutes of your time once a day. The Heart Technique® does not interfere with anyone’s culture, religion or belief system so it is universally available to all.

How long does it take to learn the Heart Technique®?
You can learn the entire Heart Technique program in as little as three weeks. The Heart Technique is taught individually in three separate, one-hour sessions which should be timed at least one week apart. The fourth session is a follow up session to make sure one gets the most out of it. This session is scheduled a month after session three. Each step works to expand awareness in its own way so it is best to be comfortably established in one aspect before learning the next. When all steps are completed, the entire program totals thirty-five minutes and is practiced once daily.

How will I benefit from using the Heart Technique® program?
You will start to notice increased levels of peace, inner joy and a sense of wonder for life; a lack of fear or worry and more love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. Healing occurs on all levels and the benefits are too many to list briefly. Please click on the “Benefits” tab for more information.

How does the Heart Technique® produce all these benefits?
The Heart Technique program consists of five distinct aspects. Together, they combine to form a holistic and powerful impact on your spiritual growth.

Exactly what do you mean by “spiritual growth”? How do you define spiritual growth?
All spiritual growth means becoming more aware of your true self; your eternal self that is not mortal. This is your soul, your spirit self. The Heart Technique enables you to directly experience the presence of your soul. This is more than intellectually understanding the concept of soul, or the belief in a soul. The Heart Technique develops the direct knowingness of your soul.

What are these five aspects of the Heart Technique® and what do they do?
Put simply, the five aspects work together synergistically to expand one’s soul-awareness. I have experienced many spiritual practices which focus on one way to promote spiritual growth. The Heart Technique produces a very comprehensive spiritual growth for the serious minded. Yet, it is so simple that it is easily practiced by beginners.

The five aspects are:
  1. Effortless Meditation – to still the mind’s thoughts and release stress from the mind and nervous system.
  2. Soul Awareness – to directly feel, experience and awaken one’s soul.
  3. Heart Expansion – to promote self-forgiveness leading to increased love, compassion and forgiveness for one’s self and for others.
  4. Spontaneous Creation – to consciously and effortlessly tap into the natural law of attraction. This step will enhance the body’s energy system with a matching quality of energy vibration of Source, of ones higher-self.
  5. Gratitude Perception – to transition one’s perception toward receiving increased universal support, love, trust and joy.

I have some schedule conflicts. I will not be available each week consecutively. Can I schedule my sessions more than one week apart?
Yes. You can start learning The Heart Technique whenever you like. It is necessary only to have a minimum of one week in between each of the first three sessions. You may also choose to practice each step longer than a week if you like.

I have the chance to do one session with you in person, but not the rest. Can I do that?
Yes. It is all up to you. You may learn from me in person or via Skype.

When practicing the Heart Technique®, can I “split” the program time into two parts, doing half of it in the morning and half of it in the afternoon?
Yes, you can. But, it will not be nearly as effective. Once daily, each step performed back to back as it is taught, is ideal.

Who created the Heart Technique®? Where does the Heart Technique® come from? Is this something new?
The Heart Technique was communicated to me through Intuitive Communicator, Connie Fox. Connie communicates directly with spirit in an unusual way as she translates, word for word, from various forms of consciousness. The Heart Technique was given as a gift to me; communicated from the spirit of Jesus Christ or, as some may prefer to call it, Christ consciousness. The Source of this knowledge is ancient and timeless, while the unique combination of the five specific aspects is newly formed into one holistic package.

Once I have learned the Heart Technique®, can I teach it to my family or friends?
It would be good to share your stories about the benefits you have experienced from daily practice of the Heart Technique but, you may do your friends and family a disservice by attempting to teach what you are not truly qualified to do. You need to be able to clearly recognize and judge a student’s capacity to be sure they have attained an accurate perception. You also need to be aware of the basic differences of learning modalities, as well as be able to answer the variety of questions that cover more than just your own experiences with the technique. There is absolutely nothing in this world more important than achieving God awareness. It is the most valuable gift anyone could receive in life. When I was given the Heart Technique to teach others, I was told it was given to me because I was born to teach it, and now also had the experience required. I was and still am given very specific instructions to and about each technique. Also, what one needs to hear after learning the Heart Technique, the ongoing process of becoming proficient at this practice, will vary greatly. One has different needs that only a qualified teacher can easily address in the most effective way for each individual. Save money on anything else, but not by de-valuing that which helps gain enlightenment. That is, if you want to get the most out of it.

Are you, Mette, the only person qualified to teach the Heart Technique®?
I was asked to create a “Certified Teacher’s Program” for the Heart Technique so it may spread and become more readily available to all. As demand increases, I will do this sometime in the future. I will do all that is necessary to achieve a high quality of only proficiently trained, certified teachers to maintain integrity of the Heart Technique program.

I am already experienced with a variety of spiritual practices and meditations. I want something that will bring me to enlightenment at a more rapid rate. I do not want to waste time evolving “bit by bit” anymore. Is the Heart Technique® advanced enough for me?
Your spiritual practice is of utmost importance. I was told that the Heart Technique is a most powerful program for spiritual expansion at this time. It is the simultaneous expansion of love-based heart qualities from within that is far superior to focusing on any single discipline. In truth, growing spiritually is the process of becoming more of who you really are and less of who you think you are.

I have practiced many different types of meditation. But I cannot meditate comfortably as my mind is too busy with thoughts. I think about things I need to do or my mind is bombarded about what has been happening. I understand that meditation can help with this but still, it is not easy for me and this can be frustrating.
The Heart Technique’s meditation method, when properly understood, enables you to be still without resistance. The stillness you get to experience using the Heart Technique is not due to the discipline of making yourself sit or to be still by willpower. It is a result of a proper meditation technique. It will not be a challenge at all. It will be a time you greatly look forward to more and more.