The Presence of God

The presence of God is an energy. It is a feeling, a knowingness that is your soul. It is that non-physical part of you which is eternal. It is who you really are. It is who you always have been and always will be. I have referred to this as your “true-self”. Your true-self is an energy; a presence that you feel and know is there. Your mind will never fully understand this part of who you are because it is not physical. The mind is limited and can only identify with the five physical senses, that is, what your physical body can touch, see, taste, hear, smell. This is how your mind knows what it knows.

Your true-self, your spirit-self or soul, is a presence that is always the same. It is unchanging pure love, pure peace, pure bliss and pure stillness. This is God. You are intended to live your life knowing that. There is nowhere in creation that God’s energy does not exist and that includes you. You experience that un-formed, un-manifested energy through the all-knowing, unlimited nature of the soul. You can function in your physical body while at the same time feeling your soul’s presence; while also having awareness of your soul’s existence. This is enlightenment or God consciousness. This is living fullness of life.

Suffering is not possible when you are aware of the presence of who you are. I define suffering as believing, perceiving and feeling any belief that comes from ego. Fear-based emotions are: sadness, guilt, anger, resentment, regret, dissatisfaction, insecurity, worry, inadequacy, separating judgments, loneliness, etc.

Many have lost touch with God’s presence. The reason for this is because you typically identify through the experiences of the five senses and the mind. This is what creates the ego; your physical identity. This is what leads to not knowing all of who you are.

Know that to exist in the physical world you must exist within limitations. You take on a physical form which identifies you as being “this” and not “that”. Robert is not also David. A dog is not also a cat. The sun is not the moon. Every definition brings with it a limitation of what it is not. This is why God cannot be defined to any limited form. Again, there is nowhere God is not. God is unlimited, formless, eternal energy. God is also within you.

I recommend doing “Babaji’s Work“ and the “Heart Technique®”* daily. They work hand in hand to expand awareness of your true-self. This is the most beautiful, complete feeling you could ever imagine. “Babaji’s Work” heals the ego by dissolving your fears and the “Heart Technique” heals by expanding awareness of your soul’s presence. At this time, doing these two techniques once daily is the most effective way to spiritually evolve.

I have been directly communicating to Connie for several years for the sole purpose of preparing the world to evolve quickly. It is time now for Connie and Mette to share the knowledge I have given them so you can begin living fullness of life. Please know that the fullness of life means the merging of both the joys from the external world and the blissful part of you that is real and not fleeting. Be with Me in your awareness and direct experience and choose to grow spiritually. Your conscious choice will make the transition to wholeness much quicker and easier.

I thank you in advance for your willingness to let go of your pain, your judgments and your fears. This is all that prevents you from knowing who you really are. Remember that all of you are already perfect and whole. You have only temporarily lost the awareness of your eternal self. You can and will transition to full awareness of your true-self again. Ask Me to help you through this process. I come to all that ask for Me – always.

*This chapter comes from the book Help From Heaven. Direct From spirit: Living Beyond Your Beliefs by Connie Fox and is put on this webpage with permission. Connie Fox communicates directly with spirit in an unusual way as she translates word for word from various forms of consciousness including the deceased, angels, enlightened spiritual teachers such as Maharvatar Babaji and Jesus. This message was from the spirit of Jesus or as some might want to call it, Universal Oneness. For more info visit: Copyright Connie Fox.