Healing Principles Direct from Spirit

This is taken from the book “Help From Heaven. Direct Form Spirit: Living Beyond Your Beliefs” written by Connie Fox. It is an excerpt from the chapter “Healing Principles Direct from Spirit”.

Mette’s Comments: It is healing principles received directly from spirit. First Connie asks Jesus, Mother Mary, Mahavatar Babaji and Buddha as well as an angel about healing. At the end she is asking my deceased family members the same questions. We have been speaking to them ever since they left the physical world. They have all given a lot of advice as well as shared a lot of wisdom. Some of the things they have said are to be found in my book “The Missing Pieces of The Souls Puzzle”. (In the process of being translated into English)

Edith (Mette’s deceased mother)
Edith died after a long and arduous battle with cancer. She had also been coping with the terminal illness of her adult son, Claus.

My definition of being healed is not to even need to be healed in the first place. Begin by feeling at peace. No matter what is going on in your life, be at peace. Otherwise you will need to experience great ills.
If you are not at peace you harbor and store stress energy within your body’s cells. In time, physical disease will manifest. It is much easier to prevent the disease than to deal with it after it has formed.

All you need to know is to be at peace with your life. If something causes you unease, fix it. If you cannot fix it because it is out of your control, just accept it. That is the key to healing anything.

Connie Asks: How can you say “just accept it”? What would you say about your child dying? It is in truth an unacceptable feeling.
You say to yourself something like this: “I am going to miss my child greatly. I am heartbroken my child is dying. We will be together again. And for now, I will accept what is in my life as it is.” If you must face an unwanted experience, accept it, so you can have peace through it. It is that simple.

Claus (Mette’s deceased brother)
Claus was a middle-aged man who suffered greatly with a brain tumor before his death. According to Mette, he coped with a domineering spouse for all of his married life.

Connie Asks: What do you have to say about healing?
Do not put up with anybody’s crap. That will make you sicker than anything else. Do not be a doormat, do not be a peon, do not be a lay down. If you let others mistreat you, this is a powerful form of self-deceit. You deny yourself goodness, kindness, love, anything good if you are letting people treat you poorly. Find a way to muster the courage if that is what it takes. Do not allow anyone to mistreat you. If you cannot work it out civilly with that person, turn the other way and get them out of your life.

I can tell you that if you support goodness for yourself, you will get goodness. If you allow mistreatment from others, you will get mistreatment from others and you will become sick in one way or another in time.

Asta (Mette’s deceased step-mother) In an earlier conversation with Asta, she said that she struggled greatly with low self-esteem her whole life and eventually it developed into a variety of debilitating physical conditions such as blindness, severely crooked fingers, amputated toes and later the amputation of both legs.

Connie Asks: What is the first thing that comes to your mind about healing? Can you share some wisdom?
A healthy mind makes a healthy body and spirit. An unhealthy mind makes an unhealthy body and spirit. Having a healthy mind is not always so easy because of how we are typically conditioned to think. But, if you are able to love who you are, that is all you need to be healthy minded and healthy in body and spirit.

If you have problems loving who you are, you are going to have problems with everything else. I could tell you stories for eternity, but it all boils down to being able to love who you are.

Connie Asked: Can you give an example?
Are you feeling good enough? If not, you are not loving yourself as you are. I suggest asking yourself on a regular basis if you are happy with you, your life, who you are married to or who you are with or the friends in your life or where you are working. If you get a “no” or “I’m not sure”, you need to make a change.

Accepting unhappy circumstances because you do not even think about being able to achieve more, makes for deterioration on all levels of your being. You start going in that direction unknowingly and it is unlikely that you will ever turn it around. This makes one bad thing after another.

You get what you expect to get in your life. Expect little, you get little; expect good, you get good. All of this boils down to how much you love yourself. If you really love yourself you will not accept less than what is fantastic.

Connie Asks: What if I don’t really know how to love myself? How does someone learn how to love themselves more?
It is not something that one can learn overnight. You need to achieve a higher level of awareness and a more healed heart.

Connie Asks: What exactly do you mean by achieving a higher level of awareness?
Increase your awareness of love. Love more. Reach out to love others more and then more love for yourself will grow automatically.

Connie Asks: But, Mette told me you were always one of the most kind, loving and giving people that she ever knew. So, I am confused by this. Could you please explain further?
I am very glad you asked, because this is the most important thing to know about how to love rightly. If you sacrifice loving yourself, being good to yourself, to love, care and give to others, you are going to get ill. It is just a matter of time. Also, your life becomes a strain, a drain. And this is not true love. You must learn how to love others in a healthy way, which includes loving yourself along the way. I sacrificed my life for others. I sacrificed being good to myself for others. I sacrificed my own desires, goals and pleasures. I also sacrificed taking good care of myself – my body’s health and well-being. I was exhausted every day of my life, living my life to please others. This was because I did not know how to love myself and I did not know what it meant to love others by being my true self.

Jorgen (Mette’s deceased father) Mette describes Jorgen as having been a very positive, optimistic man who didn’t take life too seriously. He had a tendency to focus on solutions rather than problems throughout life and he had a good sense of humor.

Connie Asks: Do you have any advice about healing?
I am no expert but I can say that being good to yourself is the most important thing, probably, to have and maintain good health. If you are not good to yourself, you decline.

Connie Asks: How was it that your health was so good when you smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish all your life? How was it that you were never sick?
I was a happy man. Yes, look how I was as a happy man. It was a pretty good life actually. Be as good to yourself as you can. Be as happy as you can and you’ll be a superman.

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