The Heart Technique

The Heart Technique® consists of five simple yet powerful methods of teaching that covers all aspects necessary to grow spiritually at an exponential rate toward achieving full awareness (enlightenment). It is a 35 minute daily practice.

This effortless meditation dissolves a common and deep-seated block that inhibits you from feeling your soul. When your mind is so busy with many unnecessary thoughts, you are prevented from experiencing your soul. As the nature of your soul is pure stillness and pure love, an over-active mind prevents you from feeling this. Therefore, an effective meditation is very helpful to reduce activity of the mind. There are many methods of meditation, but this technique is unique and effective in that it directly calls your soul to awaken within. A sound (mantra) is used in a specific way that requires no focus, no concentration and no effort. It not only calms the mind and nervous system, it also enlivens your soul in a way like no other meditation/sound.

Soul Awareness
Becoming more aware of your soul as it resides in your body is a primary goal toward enlightenment. Your heart and soul are one. Your soul is pure stillness, pure love. The more you become aware of your soul’s presence, the more permanently established you become in contentment, peace, joy and present moment awareness. This is what leads to true everlasting peace and happiness. Developing these qualities increases awareness of your true self – who you are behind the outer identity of the ego. Soul Awareness can be achieved only through direct experience, not through learning anything from the mind.

The Soul Awareness technique teaches you how to directly contact and experience your soul. You automatically bypass every blockage to awareness of your soul by giving it your attention and actually feeling and experiencing it. The soul is initially a feeling that requires your attention and awareness. In time, the feeling of it transforms into the being of it.

Unhealed emotional pain is another obstacle that prohibits you from feeling your heart and soul to its full potential. Where there is pain, there is underlying fear – fear that you are in some way, “not enough”. This underlying fear develops into various forms of self-loathing, such as, guilt, shame, victimization, loneliness, inadequacy or resentment. The ego can also alter it into blame, where you reposition it from yourself to someone else. It is all the same fear – just a different form. No matter what form the fear takes, it reaffirms and deepens the belief that you are not enough. These conditions develop because you are not aware of your soul. All forms of self-loathing must eventually become healed to be fully enlightened. They are an illusion. But until you become aware of these illusions, you identify with them unknowingly and so they remain.

The experience of true self-love requires self-forgiveness. The Self-forgiveness technique gives you what no one else can – no one but you. This technique is a remarkably simple and effective way to recognize and forgive yourself all those mind-made illusions (beliefs) that prevent you from fully loving yourself.

Spontaneous Creation Technique
The Spontaneous Creation Technique opens a channel with the Source of creation. When you refine your energy vibration in this way it results in spontaneously creating a more fulfilling life.

All energy that makes up who you are in your physical existence is living, moving, dynamic energy. It is common knowledge that we all emanate an energy that can even be felt by others, such as loving, calming, happy, nervous, angry. The quality of that energy within your being attracts people, places and circumstances that match your energy. This is the law of attraction and it becomes much more powerful with the practice of the Spontaneous Creation Technique.

Where there is gratitude, there is a life-supportive force behind every thought you think, every feeling you feel and every action you take. It rushes to support someone with gratitude. The more gratitude you develop, the more this force follows you, quite literally, to support your dreams and desires. When your mind is calm and you have a higher soul awareness with a more open heart, your creative power is magnified greatly by feeling gratitude.


Why the Heart Technique® was given.

The Heart Technique® was given to Mette to teach others because it is greatly needed. All are reaching a time in your evolution where evolving spiritually is a must in order to continue thriving. Earth’s energy has been changing to a higher frequency. Mankind’s energy has been changing to a lower frequency. This opposing and conflicting energy has been intensifying in strength and power, causing a wide variety of chaos and disorder on earth and increased stress in people’s lives. Quality of life has been digressing as a result.

Your souls are yearning to be more realized and utilized. Your very being is striving to reach a foundation that is more in balance and harmony with divine order. This increasing feeling of unease, discontentment or lack of joy is reaching an all-time high on earth. A ‘breaking point’ is near for earth is unable to withstand more friction-energy from humans.

The Heart Technique® was created for Mette to teach to others, as she has both the intellectual and experiential knowledge needed to understand precisely what disconnects people from their soul’s peace, love and stillness.

Mette’s dharmic path is that of a healer. She heals the various conditions developed from ego-identification which delay or even stagnate the process of spiritual evolving. She has well learned the difference between love and fear and the many different forms of fear that can unknowingly manifest in one’s belief system. This is what keeps a person ‘stuck’ at a limited level of awareness; this is what inhibits spiritual growth and prevents one from experiencing who they really are.

These inhibiting, fear-based beliefs have become a world-wide epidemic and the world is now able to shift from the direction it has been moving for a very long time. The capacity for the creation of a ‘new trend’ is now possible. In fact, it is essential.

Please understand that no group, organization, religion, or affiliation with any structured path to achieve enlightenment will work. The path to soul-awareness, is not a “one-size-fits-all” path, nor is it a so-called ‘correct’ belief system that is needed. Enlightenment is obtained only through direct experience. Therefore, the Heart Technique® does not challenge or interfere with anyone’s culture, religion or belief system. Practicing The Heart Technique daily will rapidly expand your heart and soul.

This message was communicated through Connie Fox. She communicates directly with spirit in an unusual way as she translates word for word from various forms of consciousness. This message was from Univesal Oneness. For more info visit: