About me

Imagine waking in the morning, happy for no reason at all. Imagine a life where you grow spiritually every day. Imagine living in full awareness of both the perspective of your self-identified ego and with the full awareness of your ever-present eternal soul. Consider what it would be like to have the emotional pains from your past experiences dissolved beyond the need of healing. What would the silence sound like when you no longer hear the noise of your inner voice judging yourself and others? Picture the life where you finally get to know the peaceful bliss of who you really are. I know this is possible, although for most of us, this state of awareness does not appear suddenly.

Much of my life I have tried hard to gain this state of awareness. I had conjured an idea of enlightenment and prayed to reach my souls full potential – that elusive place of unchanging peace and inner joy. I embraced years of deep meditation in retreats and ashrams around the world. I pursued many mind-expanding workshops, seminars and teaching courses as well as my professional career development as a licensed teacher, counselor and psychomotor physical therapist.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed some flavors of higher states of consciousness. And, at other times, I have exhausted much of my personal power by bending to the unspoken judgment of others. I often struggled because I felt I wasn’t “good enough”. I would strive to live up to the unspoken expectations of family, friends and society in general. This life was not all bad for I did achieve a certain amount of happiness. Yet, it lasted only for a limited period of time.

I know I have experienced life from the two different parts of who I am. I have been in situations where the one supposedly deep, lasting relationship of a lifetime merely faded away. Several of my closest, beloved family members died and this was followed by the loss of too many short-termed pregnancies. Two serious medical conditions threatened the health of my husband. When I identified with the five senses and my mind during these challenging situations, the future seemed murky and uncertain. However, when those same situations were experienced through my soul’s awareness, everything made sense and all was well. It boiled down to three core feelings: Fear or love and trust.

Now I have been given the “Heart Technique” which can become a positive, active part in anyone’s daily life. I am overjoyed and grateful to offer these few simple tools which can not only still our minds but also expand our soul awareness; our deep sense of “I AM”. Best of all, we can easily learn to actively apply this into our daily life. We then find we can attract more of our deepest desires with much less effort.

There are so many people to whom I owe much credit; people that along the way have helped me grow, expand and understand more. I must especially acknowledge two people. Connie Fox, who is my dear friend, author and gifted intuitive communicator. And of course, my insightful husband Bent Breitenstein who has taught me many of my practical skills. He is an accomplished psychologist and author who has not only loved me unconditionally but also lovingly counseled me and many others from our community in Denmark. He has helped me in my own personal evolution and guided me through many trials. I treasure him deeply. He and our daughter Sarika remain my greatest gift in life.