”After having been introduced to The Heart Technique®, I have practiced it every day with joy and enthusiasm. I feel an inner peace I have not felt before. It is easier for me to handle the chaos in my outer world because my inner world is now at peace. I am much better at handling stress, anger and irritation when it comes. I have obtained more happiness in my everyday life. It is fantastic.”
Pernille P, Falster. Denmark


”I really enjoy the program and I have never been more aware when I listen to my soul, my ego and my head. I also have become much more aware of when I am acting upon the heart and when it is the fear that wins.”

Peter Ø, Frederiksberg. Denmark


“I felt a peace and a freedom from unease and tension; like a blanket of love, peace and comfort covered me wholly within my being. It felt delightful and so right. My mind automatically thought, “ahhhhh…this is what I have been yearning for. This is who I really am. I need absolutely nothing.“
Susan F. North Palm Beach, FL. USA


”Through The Heart Technique® I have been reminded of how important it is to feel and to experience – not to know things in our head only. I have become much better at loving myself throughout life. But, through the Heart Technique® I experience the core feeling of loving myself. That is a huge experience and I am very grateful.“

Bent B. Falster. Denmark


”I have just completed the sessions with Mette, I have never experienced anything like what I experienced when learning this easy to apply Heart Technique®. I now know I am not my experiences. This is just a small piece of who I really am. The energy that surged through my body was indescribable. Peace, love, joy and completeness. When I had completely learned how to work all of the steps I meditated outside in the back yard in a visit to Toms River New Jersey. Between the meditation and the soul awareness I opened my eyes and deer where everywhere. It was like we were one. They looked at me and I was in awe looking back at them. I felt the life of the forest that I was observing. I could feel how the trees, grass, birds deer and myself were all connected. What an amazing experience. Mette is such a great teacher. You feel the love and compassion from her heart straight to yours. Forever grateful”

Gail C. Palm Beach Gardens Fl. USA


”The Heart Technique® helps me to “be me”. The technique supports me as a more loving, calm  and grounded person. It has given me the last “push” out of a depression. It has strengthened my self-worth in a really awesome way. I find the strength to stand by myself, personally and professionally. I am deeply grateful!”
Helle W. Falster. Denmark


””I am 63 years old. Looking back over my personal and work life, I see how I’ve always been good at getting others to flourish and evolve. I can see that by being such a good “helper” I was making it easier to live through the lives of others rather than to live my own life. I used my helpfulness as an escape mechanism. Since I have been practicing the Heart Technique for six months now, I have noticed – especially in the last few weeks – that I am experiencing far more presence and joy.
Being present is no longer something I need to be reminded of. I enjoy my own company now, whereas previously, I would constantly flee. I am beginning to notice that there is actually something I feel excited about and at times I experience an inner joy which I didn’t know existed. I would recommend anyone to get started with the Heart Technique® and just keep doing it.”

Kirsten M, Falster. Denmark

”The Heart Technique® has given me a deeper meaning of my life. Without a doubt, I have gained more peace in my mind and I feel more and more okay being who I am. I have become more open-hearted toward myself as well as others. My spirit feels more alive and I experience more guidance and support in my daily life. I am very grateful.”

Catherine R, København. Denmark


”The Heart Techniquer really is a revolution for me. I have gained so much more energy, clarity of mind and joy since I started this program two month ago. I could feel a difference within the first week. It is as if “my inner critic” has been turned off and love for life has once again gained its place….”
Marianne W, Amager. Denmark


”Mette reaches one’s soul as well as one’s mind. She makes it so easy to learn The Heart Technique®. I have grown into a much clearer version of who I am and I have gained much more peace and trust in life, in the universe and in the fact that everything is good. My lifetime of coping with the pain from Multiple Sclerosis has been reduced more by more than one half. I still notice it, but it is not a part of my life anymore and I have only been doing the Heart Technique for several weeks now. I have gained more energy, joy and peace in a wonderful and intriguing way.”

Susanne. A. Falster. Denmark


“The first time I practiced the Heart Technique®, I felt as if a being within me took over my body and my breathing. I could not help but to just let go. It felt so wonderful and right. There was an underlying resistance inside me that I had not even know was there. It just melted away. I was in total peace.”
Connie F, Jupiter, FL. USA


”I feel as if a wise being has entered my body.”

Rosemary L, Bristol. England.


”This is so big.”
Helene X. Odense. Denmark


”I was at a Heart Technique® introduction meeting, and I remember saying: “How do I find 35 minutes a day?”
Now I have been practicing it for a few months. My sense of time has changed a lot. I find it easier to schedule that 35 minutes for my program in the morning – I would not want to miss it! My time now organizes itself somehow and I am deeply grateful.”

Elisabeth H, Copenhagen K. Denmark


”After the 2nd full practice of the Heart Technique® I had my best day in at least 6 months. It was really powerful. On the 3rd day, the energy lowered a bit. But, I then found a level that has been improving every day since. No worrying, no wasted time and energy, none of those irritating inner dialogues or even irritation in general. My experience has been one of positive thinking, bringing good people closer, success in various areas and much happiness. And this is just the beginning.
After 6 weeks I am having a hard time to find anything to forgive myself for. Life has become so easy. One sort of weird thing has happened to me. I have developed a way of creating high vibrations or energy, just by lying down. I am not sure what it is, but it is definitely from the Heart Technique and it feels great.” 

Jesper N, Vallensbæk. Denmark